"Everyone benefits from teamwork, and that exchange of ideas between an involved client,
the design team, and the contractor allows for the most exciting finished design."
I believe this wholeheartedly, and have been blessed with an array of incredible craftsmen who believe that as well. Though we must make money to provide for ourselves, the REAL reason we all do what we're doing is because it's an outgrowth of our innate abilities, or our personal experiences giving us the passion to choose our particular disciplines in providing clients with their homes. Those below are treasured for their craft having been involved in my work for a long time.
Marian Wheeler, Wheeler Design Group Joe Bauer,Structural Design Associates
Gary Lencioni,Lencioni Construction Company Tom Schrey, Artworks Foundry
R.J. Dailey & Dave McLaughlin,R.J. Dailey Construction Jason Towle & Ralph Teyssier, Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger
Dick Breaux,Peninsula Custom Homes Jay Bakaler,MetroEighteen A/V
Alessio de Franchesca,COORItalia David Patton,David Wilds Patton Lighting Design
Maggie Passarelli,Tuscan Resources Paul Dyer,Paul Dyer Photography
Jack Chandler,Chandler & Chandler Landscape Architects Mark Evans & Charlie Brown,Evans and Brown
Don Wihlborg,Wihlborg Design Landscape Architecture Tim Street Porter,Photography
Karen Bishop,*Concept Studios Ron Herman,Ron HermanLandscape Architect
Jim Hyland,*Hyland Studios Jeff Lea, Lea & Braze Civil Engineers
*The design world will miss the great talents of both Karen Bishop and Jim Hyland
and I am grateful that their firms are continuing their legacy.
Jenn Cole, Jenn Cole Design